ID Card

If you have recently moved to California or you are prepared to obtain your state ID card, then you need to know the requirements and process for obtaining this card for your needs. Your local DMV should have the card you need as well as the forms and other lists of requirements to obtain this ID card. There are several things that you need to note before you go into the office.

Obtaining the Card

First, you will need to visit your local DMV office. Once you are there, you will be given a Form DL 44, or a Driver License or Identification Card Application form. You will also need to bring along several forms of proof for your identity, your residency, your Social Security number, and your birth date. Along with these things, you will also need to pay a fee to obtain your card, and the fees are going to vary based on some factors. These fees will be discussed in further detail later.

The Application Process

There are no age limits on the application for a California identification card. There are also two different kinds of cards available to the public: a traditional ID and a senior citizen ID, which is for residents that are over 62 years of age.

When preparing to apply for this card, you need first to visit the Department of Motor Vehicles, also known as the DMV. You cannot do this online or over the phone, which means you will need to visit your local office in person to fill out the application and pay the fees. You must visit your local office to fill out the Form DL 44, which is not available in an online format, provide them with your thumbprint, and have your photograph taken at the office.

If you would like to fill out the form before visiting your local office, you can call an automated system through the state of California to have the specific form mailed to your home.


There are several things that you are required to have before you are granted your identification card from the state. These are various items of proof that you are who you say you are, you are a legal resident, and you live in the state.

First, you will need your Social Security number. If you are not eligible for a Social Security Number but are still a legal resident of the United States, you are still eligible to apply for your card.

Next, you will need to bring along some form of documentation that proves your date of birth or your legal presence within the United States. Such documentation might include your birth certificate, a driver’s license from the state, or a United States passport.

You will also need certified documentation to prove your name, especially if you’ve had a name change in recent months. This documentation might include a name change document issued by the court, adoption papers, or a marriage certificate.

Finally, you will need documentation to prove that you are a resident of California. You only need one document to do so, and many things will suffice. You could bring a title or a deed to your property, a home utility bill with your address on it, or a pay stub from your company or employer that has your legal address on it. Luckily, the website is full of the requirements in more detail to ensure you are bringing everything you need.

The Fees

There are several fees involved when it comes to obtaining your ID in this state. First, there is a general $30 fee for an original identification card, an identification card renewal, or a replacement card should you change your name, lose the card, or it ends up stolen. These cards are each valid for only six years, after which, it must be renewed.

If you are a senior citizen of 62 years old or older, you do not have to pay for your ID, and the card is valid for up to 10 years. You also do not have to pay to change your legal address or to exchange a driver’s license to an ID card, should you be unable to drive for any reason. You must contact your local DMV office to get more information about exchanging.

Finally, there is a reduced fee for the ID’s, especially if you meet the income requirements from any government programs or public assistance programs. You could get your ID for $8 in this state. You must obtain the Form DL 937, or the Verification for Reduced Fee Identification Card. This is provided by the government or from certain non-profit organizations that assist. You will need to bring this completed form along with you to your local DMV office when applying for the card.